Quotes of the Week

Quotes of the Week

Every week this section of the website will offer new Zen quotes that bear directly on the law school experience. Specifically, the Zen quotes are offered to provide guidance on the issues of law school studying, the classroom Socratic method, grades, your mental outlook/stress, and law school life generally. Most of the quotes will be self-explanatory, but on occasion I will elaborate upon the meaning of the quote (and its relation to law school) in more depth. The timing of the quotes are meant to coincide with the progression of each semester and will be posted every Monday morning during the school year. I hope you enjoy your law school Zen.

On your mental outlook:

When you are with people, be
one hundred percent with
them; when you are
by yourself, be
one hundred
way of
all things: Be
exactly where you
are at any given moment &
everything will be without strain.

On studying:

It is not only the most difficult thing
to know oneself, but the most inconvenient too.
– Henry W. Shaw

On grades:

When we concern
ourselves with acquiring or losing things,
the only thing we truly get is a lack of inner peace.
Yet when we accept what we have, contentment reigns.