Quotes of the Week

Quotes of the Week

Every week this section of the website will offer new Zen quotes that bear directly on the law school experience. Specifically, the Zen quotes are offered to provide guidance on the issues of law school studying, the classroom Socratic method, grades, your mental outlook/stress, and law school life generally. Most of the quotes will be self-explanatory, but on occasion I will elaborate upon the meaning of the quote (and its relation to law school) in more depth. The timing of the quotes are meant to coincide with the progression of each semester and will be posted every Monday morning during the school year. I hope you enjoy your law school Zen.

On grades:

Money, fame, and fortune
may further us in our time here, but what of it
will remain at the end of our days? Find what will remain.

On studying:

Normally, we do not so much look
at things as overlook them.

On grades/law school life:

Live life
with an open heart.
Erase judgment from your
thoughts, live with compassion,
and practice understanding. Keep
in mind that everyone is doing the best
they possibly can and realize that if they
knew better, they’d do betterÑtherefore, be
gentle. Now, practice this same gentleness with
yourself. Know that you’re doing the best you can
in every situation and honor yourself with compassion.
This simple thought will help you be less critical and more appreciative of
all that is.