Zen of Passing the Bar Exam Seminar

Professor Noreuil performs seminars on passing the bar exam at law schools across the country.  The seminar provides a comprehensive approach to passing the exam, including specific instruction on how to answer essay and MBE questions effectively and efficiently.

Professor Noreuil draws on years of experience and research to provide insight into the best methods to employ in order to pass the bar exam, including specific tips and strategies for both essay and MBE questions, advice and guidance on study techniques (when and how to study most effectively), lifestyle (eating optimally for brain and immune system functioning), and stress management.

If you and your law school would like to have Professor Noreuil present the Zen of Passing the Bar Exam seminar, please have your school contact Professor Noreuil at chad@lawschoolzen.com for availability and/or more information.

Feedback from students, as written on the seminar evaluation forms:

“Great presentation!  Very helpful and inspiring!  I am very glad that I attended.”

“The presentation was very useful as a gateway to begin thinking about the bar.  Prof. Noreuil was dynamic and boosted my overall confidence about the bar.  I found that his seminar was entertaining while at the same time educational and enlightening.  Not only do I believe that Prof. Noreuil has helped my ability to pass the bar – but also become a more logical thinker.”

“I am so glad I took advantage of this incredible opportunity.  Great teacher, great info, absolutely worth the time.”

“Very down to Earth, fantastic presentation.”

“The Zen principles about mindfulness and positivity were very helpful in easing anxiety.”

“This seminar really helps you get into the mindset of the bar and address some of the anxiety.  Thank you!”

“Professor Noreuil’s presentation was extremely helpful and inspiring.  He helped to ease some of the worries that I had prior to the course.  I highly recommend his class to students in the future.”

“Great experience!”

“Professor N is a great teacher with great tips.  I highly recommend his course as a supplement to the bar.”

“Definitely reduced my anxiety regarding the unknown that was yet to come.  I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND to friends.”

“This entire experience was very helpful and reassuring.”

“Really enjoyed it.  After this I am excited to start studying for the bar.  Thank you.”

“This entire experience was very helpful and reassuring.”

the window
was dirty, the man
couldn’t see through it;
when the window was clean,
he couldn’t see the window.  The
beauty of the window wasn’t  that he
couldn’t see it.  The beauty of the Zen mind is
that it causes
no interference.