Noreuil’s Top Ten Tips for Bar Exam Essay Writing**

(1) Before the exam, know the “big ticket” topics

(2) Have a template for writing out the “big ticket” issues

(3) Be definitive when giving conclusions

(4) Try to sound like a lawyer

(5) Look for verbal clues in the fact pattern

(6) Answer the specific question asked

(7) Answer sub-questions in the order they are presented

(8) Use short cuts for rule explanations (if you need time)

(9) Use transition words (or “signposts”)

(10) After you answer a question, LET IT GO

the window
was dirty, the man
couldn’t see through it;
when the window was clean,
he couldn’t see the window.  The
beauty of the window wasn’t  that he
couldn’t see it.  The beauty of the Zen mind is
that it causes
no interference.