Noreuil’s Top Ten Tips for Essay Writing**

is an art
and a science to
everything in this world.
In all things, learn technique,
but also tune in to the art behind the
technique, for that is what separates “good”
from “great.” Make everything your meditation.
Let the day become a moving meditation, and make

(1) Before the exam, know the “big ticket” topics

(2) Have a template for writing out the “big ticket” issues

(3) Don’t get too caught up in your conclusions

(4) Try to sound like a lawyer (e.g., use “legal words”)

(5) Look for verbal clues in the fact pattern

(6) Answer the specific question asked

(7) Answer the question you know best first

(8) Give both sides to every argument

(9) Use transition words (or “signposts”) to guide the grader

(10) After you answer a question, LET IT GO and move on to the next question